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24th May 18
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The following resources support the QCA Textiles Technology units.

Unit 2B Puppets - coming soon

Unit 2D Joseph's Coat see below

Unit 4A Money Containers see below

Unit 6B Slippers - coming soon


Money Containers


These images may be downloaded and printed by the teacher to use as they stand, used on an interactive whiteboard and develop descriptive vocabulary. Pupils could download the images to incorporate them in their own work (right mouse click on the image and select 'copy'). They support the QCA Scheme of Work - 4A 'Money Containers'.


  • use these images to evaluate products
  • identify criteria that can be used for creating designs e.g. needs a fastening
  • label the images (descriptive words)
  • annotate the images (description)
Money Containers Money Containers
Money Containers Money Containers



Joseph's Coat


Use a mannequin with flexible joints as the model for Joseph's coat.

These are available from TTS Group (£5.95)  0800318686