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28th February 15
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Design and Technology

Progression of Skills Documents

These three documents will help you to plan a skills based Design and Technology curriculum.

The documents cover Key Stage 1, Lower Key Stage 2 and Upper Key Stage 2, they show the development of practical skills within the material areas and the Designerly skills of developing, planning, communicating ideas and evaluating skills which need to be developed alongside the practical skills.


DT Skills KS1 : Adobe Acrobat file (158.4k)


The purpose of these documents is to support you in planning a skills based curriculum. Each subject statement sheet highlights the specific skills as appropriate for Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. These have been based on the National Curriculum Statutory requirements.

The statement sheets have been designed to support teacher understanding of subject specific skills in order to:

  • Plan cross curricular units of work
  • Ensure coverage of skills which underpin long term planning;
  • Identify appropriate skills within both medium and short term planning;
  • Share with and inform pupils of subject specific processes and skills.

The subject statement sheets all follow a common format which explains that “when we are doing a subject we are using these skills”. These could be displayed as posters, presented electronically on a whiteboard or used as a prompt sheet by the teacher or pupil.