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21st September 18
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We aim to support tecnology used in school. These might be established technologies such as tablets (e.g. iPads) or ones that are just having an impact on learning in schools (e.g. virtual reality).

We offer workshops and incorporate many of these technologies in our courses. Common ones that schools ask for support are:

  • iPads
  • Other tablet technologies
  • Robots and other programmable devices
  • Technologies associated with Design Technolgy (e.g. CAD and programmable devices)
  • Augmented reality
  • Using QR (quick response) codes in the primary curriculum
  • Geocaching

For more information please contact us via the form below:


Please enter the code into the box provided.

Do you want to find out more about using iPads and apps in your school?

Would you like your staff trained to use iPads?

Would you like your pupils to undertake some interactive, creative learning activities using iPads? (themed sessions/days)

In-school training sessions for schools are at normal LCC rates and you can even hire the iPads from us. We can tailor sessions to your needs.

These are some of the activities we run with schools that you may like to try with your staff or pupils:

For courses please see the iPad course page or the course database.

- Basic iPad skills - Getting the most from your devices

- Using iPads in the Early Years and Key Stage 1

- Using iPads in Primary and Secondary Schools

- Using IPads as a Creative Tool for Learning

- Making multimedia stories and books with iPads

- Making movies and animations

- Using text, graphs and editing images

- Managing files

- Problem solving and sequencing

- Recording and manipulating audio

- Apps across the curriculum (Is there an app for that?)

For more information please contact lpds@lancashire.gov.uk
tel: 01257 516100