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16th December 18
In this unit pupils learn to use an object-based graphics package to produce images and visual models. They learn the key differences between an object-based program and a paint package and understand that visual models can be used to identify patterns and relationships. Pupils will be able to apply what they have learnt in this unit when making maps in geography and drawing diagrams in science.
Matisse 1 : Textease file (207.1k)
Simple exercise in the using objects in Textease as graphics to produce a picture.
(Textease required). Modified 12th December 2002

On-line Room Planner

An Interactive activity. (An active Internet connection is required.)
This site is a practical example of using a room planner interactively on the Internet. Note that the files can be printed but not saved. An example of a layout is also available as a 360 degree movie file.

This textease file is used as an object orientated drawing package.
A4 in size can be printed out for preliminary work away from the computer. This Textease file can be edited by the teacher.
A series of lessons and supporting files for this unit.

City Creator

Click here to get City Creator On-line Activity
This is a simple on-line activity.
Choose a city from the selection of three, and click the corresponding 'build' button to begin, building your city from building blocks from a series of 'pallettes'. Cities can be saved and printed out following an online registration.