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28th October 20
Trail : home / Primary Computing support / Espresso : Using Espresso From Home

Teacher's Access From Home
The espresso service is now available for all teachers (In an espresso subscribing school) to access from home. 

Espresso has recently upgraded the Espresso Teacher Home Access System. Your nominated contact was emailed details about how to access this new system in May 2010. If you have not received this email, please contact: schoolsupport@espresso.co.uk

Please use the following link to access the espresso service from home https://home.espresso.co.uk

You will need your username and password to do this.  If you have not received a username and password please contact schoolsupport@espresso.co.uk

Pupil's Access From Home
Pupil Home Access is a chargeable service available to espresso subscribers. For further information on adding Pupil Home Access to your school's subscription please contact the CLEO office:- 0845 053 0035.