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24th May 18

Questions and Answers

In this unit pupils develop their awareness of different types of questions, how they can be asked and how ICT can be used to answer them using different types of software. They learn that some of the programs they have used so far to present data cannot provide the answers to some specific questions. They begin to realise that programs have limitations and that it is knowledge of the facilities and tools offered that helps us to select the most appropriate tool for a task. Pupils learn how to ask questions that can be answered with yes or no responses.

They have opportunities to work with a prepared file on a binary tree program to practise their questioning skills. Pupils will have opportunities to enter and store information using some of the different types of ICT information resources that are available. Pupils will use what they have learned in this unit to help them to ask more focused questions to find specific information when studying Units 2C 'Finding information' and 3C 'Introduction to databases'.

A number of programs are appropriate for work on questions and answers. It is not suggested that they are all used by all of the pupils and, because of the scope of this unit, teachers may feel it is appropriate to break it down into sub-units that can be utilised over a slightly extended period.

Teachers notes to help make a branching datafile using Flexitree.