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13th December 18
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Sunny Safari




The Sunny Safari Project started initially as ideas for content to support the use of Moodle specifically in the Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1. A group of teachers helped to design the themes and collect some of the resources for a simple central area where content in the form of images, sounds, video clips; and Moodle courses can be downloaded and used in your own school Moodle. The content is growing, and with the copyright for you to use this in school it is already providing us with some great resources to start the next stages of development. Lancashire schools can visit Sunny Safari and download what resources they need. Remember to keep on coming back because the number of resources will continue to increase in the future.
Click on the picture above to go to Sunny Safari.

Courses available:

Letters and Sounds:
Over 50 Moodle courses from Phase 2 to Phase 6, for you to either use in class, or to use in your own school Moodle for your children and parents to use at home.

EYS Topics:

At the Park
At the Cafe
AT the Recycling Centre
Down on the Farm
People who help us
The Builders
The Doctors
The Zoo
The Garage
The Farm
The Vets
All Change!
Recognising Shapes
Numbers 1-5
Bonfire night
Making Cakes

Autumn Topics
Winter Topics
Spring Topics