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25th May 18



Welcome to the Assessment section of the Lancashire Grid for Learning. Here you will find the latest assessment news, information on courses and resources to help you with your practice.



 Courses provided by the Assessment Support Team can be viewed by visiting the LPDS Website



New Early Year Exemplification Folder Now Available!!

1 May 2018
OPTIONAL end of Key Stage Writing Grids
To access the KS1 Optional Grid for learning 2018 click here, or KS2 please click here. Please note these are optional and are not a statutory requirement. 



20 April 2018
2018 Statutory Test KS2 Timetable
The KS2 test timetable for week commencing 14 May 2018 is published in the 2018 Assessment and Reporting Arrangements (ARA) by the Standards & Testing Agency (STA).  The DfE have recently published some information about the timetable which differs from the information printed by STA.  Please note there is an error on the DfE publication, so please ensure you follow the STA 2018 Assessment and Reporting Arrangement timetable.

National curriculum test timetable 2018

Key stage 2



Monday 14 May

English grammar, punctuation and spelling papers 1 and 2

Tuesday 15 May

English reading

Wednesday 16 May

 Mathematics papers 1 and 2

Thursday 17 May

Mathematics paper 3

Science sampling tests

Schools selected for science sampling will need to be available to administer the tests within the 2 week period from Monday 4 June 2018.





19 April 2018
Ramadan: Exams and Tests 2018 Information for schools
Publication from the Association of School and College Leaders (ASCL) providing information and practical advice for schools.


10 April 2018
Information for Parents
Publication from the Standards and Testing Agency (STA) concerning the end of this years key stage 1 and 2 National curriculum tests.



13 February 2018
Pupil Attitude Questionnaire 2017/18 - Schools that still wish to take part
The deadline for school orders for this year's Pupil Attitude Questionnaire has now passed.  However, should you still wish to take part then you can subscribe to the online version which can be completed by your pupils in the spring or summer term (choice of years 3-11).  
If you wish to take part in this year's online PAQ please email pst@lancashire.gov.uk
We will then reply indicating the cost. You will  need to respond to say if you accept the charge and indicate which year groups you  wish to order.

If you wish to take part in this year's online PAQ please email pst@lancashire.gov.uk



25 January 2018
KS1 Mathematics – Ideas for evidence
This PowerPoint created by the Lancashire Maths Team gives teachers some ideas of the types of activities that may help to generate evidence to demonstrate children's understanding of the KS1 Teacher Assessment Frameworks.


25 October 2017
NEW Early Years Exemplification 
Completed and ready for order, brand new exemplification for ALL ELGS at ALL standards. This resource was created by the Assessment Support Team in conjunction with Lancashire Teachers and LPDS EYFS Consultants.
Ideal for all Reception Teachers and Senior Leaders
Available to order by clicking here
Just £50 for a DVD with fully printable option.



2 November 2017
Assessment Courses
A list of planned Assessment Courses for 2017-2018. You can find further details, including course descriptions here.



6 July 2017

EYFS Explanatory Notes for Parents 2017

For optional use by schools, for children at the end of the EYFS, click here.


4 July 2017

End of Key Assessments - Notes for Parents

Click here to find notes for parents for end of key assessment.
STA information for parents at the end of the KS1 and KS2 tests click here.
STA information for parents at the end of the KS2 assessment click here.


4 July 2017
Phonics Reporting Templates for Parents

Y1 phonics reporting template for parents


standard met

Y1 phonics reporting template for parents


standard not met

Y2 phonics 2017

standard met

Y2 phonics 2017

standard not met



7 June 2017
Key Stage 1 Conversion Tables 2017
Teachers mark the KS1 tests and calculate the raw scores each pupil achieves for each test. To convert raw scores to scaled scores, you need to use the conversion tables.


January 2017

KLIPs Exemplification for:-
Reading and Writing Years Years 1 -6
and now
 Mathematics Years 1-6
KLIPs exemplification has now been completed for reading and writing and mathematics for Years 1 – 6 and can now be ordered. The primary purpose of this resource is to provide an aid to teachers when using the Lancashire KLIPs assessment materials, when making judgements in a more summative way (i.e. summing up at the end of a period of time). As Lancashire KLIPs are aligned to the national curriculum, they may also help schools in considering wider issues such as appropriate pitch against the new NC expectations. In addition, they will provide a touch stone for reference when teachers are taking part in their own internal and external moderation activities, for example local cluster moderation. You can order the English and mathematics exemplification separately.
KLIPs Exemplification can be ordered by completing the form at the following link:



7 September 2016

KLIPS Frequenly Asked Questions (FAQs)

Please click here to view a colection of Frequetly Asked Questions relating to KLIPs regarding their implementation and use.


11 January 2016

News about PIVATS; publication of the new PIVATS 5

Letter from Karen Williams we have been reviewing and re-writing PIVATS to align this with changes to assessment and the revised National Curriculum, and are very pleased to now be able to offer the new PIVATS 5 materials on CD for reading, writing and mathematics.


If you you would like to book an in-school consultancy then please contact 01772 531555 for further information.