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Creative Projects
Practical Examples of Creativity Research Projects in Lancashire schools
 Posted : 29th May 2009

The Local Authority is committed to developing and nurturing creativity within schools to ensure that all children receive their entitlement to a broad and rich curriculum that will prepare them for life-long learning.  As part of this commitment two School Improvement Projects involving 29 schools are running in the north and south of the county. 

The projects are small scale research to develop creativity in one of the following areas:
1.      more creative teaching and learning
2.      creative approaches to curriculum development and/or timetabling
3.      to develop creativity through the creative arts
4.      Developing creativity through partnerships with other agencies.

However, a lot of the projects cover more than one area and it is quite difficult to arrange them by a single category.  Each school was allocated a small budget and had to submit a bid. The response was huge and the selection of schools proved to be very difficult. The schools represent each key stage, mainstream and special and are from a mix of urban and rural environments.  As their projects progress the schools have been given guidance on assessing and evaluating the impact on learning. When they have met together to evaluate them the excitement that has been generated by the projects had been an inspiration to all.

Some schools have sent brief descriptions and evaluations of their projects. If you would like to view these click on the school name in the table. This will be updated as new projects come in.  All the schools involved are happy to be contacted to discuss their projects. A list of the schools involved and the area of their research follows: 


2008-2009 PROJECTS

2007-2008 PROJECTS

2006-2007 PROJECTS

2005-2006 PROJECTS

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