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16th December 18
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2007-2008 Projects

2007-2008 Projects




Main focus area from the research project


Teaching and learning


Creative arts


Curriculum and time table development


Working in partnership with other agencies

 2007-2008 PROJECTS




Key Stage



 Lytham St Annes Mayfield Primary School    4/44

  At Mayfield we have been engaged in reviewing the curriculum in terms of creativity and potential for achieving Excellence and Enjoyment through the Every Child Matters outcomes.



Action Plan


 Azra Butt
Anderton St. Joseph's
Catholic Primary

To enhance creative teaching and learning through the use of a thematic approach, which innovatively links curriculum areas and provides an enriched and stimulating programme of learning experiences.  

KS2    Presentation Philippa Whipp     
St. Bernadette's Catholic
Primary, Lancaster

Improving the quality of learning for a trarget group of pupils all of whom have special needs or English as an additional language - linking English, Geography and PSHE through modelling, scaffolding and problem solving activities

FS / KS1   Jo Josephidou
Appletree Nursery

Using music as a tool for developing creative approaches to teaching and learning across all areas of the FS curriculum with particular reference to the outdoor classroom 

FS   Presentation Stacey Jackson
Yvonne Conway
Typical Running Order
St. Francis' Catholic
Primary, Goosnargh

Renovating a listed cottage to make it look as Victorian as possible to use as a role play area for learning about the past, for all age groups

W Sch   Mrs J Wilkinson
Northfold Community

Developing the creative curriculum by changing ways of planning and teaching - focusing on Literacy, History and PE

KS2  Project Evaluation Alison Wilson

Skelmersdale Trinity
CE/Methodist Primary
& St. Oswald's Catholic
Primary, Longton


Using video-conferencing and e-mail to communicate with pupils from schools in contrasting localities ie. St. Oswald's RC in Longton and St Catherine's RC in Ottawa, Canada, linking ICT, Art and Geography 

KS2    Presentation

A. Currie

B. Wood

Shakespeare Primary 2/16

Re-organisation of the curriculum

W Sch   Carolyn Thackway
Leyland St. James'
CE Primary

Cross-curricular links - the project will link literacy, particulaly writing, with art and music 

FS / KS1 


Mrs. LF Taylor-Bell
Aughton Town
Green Primary

Investigate different approaches to cross-curricular challenges for children linking existing Numeracy and Literacy skills to the Foundation Subjects - look to identify and establish new approaches to curriculum delivery 

W Sch   Bid Jacqui Dunn 

Project Evaluation

Lytham St. Annes
Mayfield Primary

Involving KS2 children transforming an existing, enclosed, outdoor, accessible space by planning and designing a creative outdoor learning area around the themes of the St. Annes, recycling, sound and/or growth

KS2   Azra Butt
St Stephen's CE
Primary, Preston

The school will work towards producing creative poetry weeks where music, ICT and Literacy have worked cross curricular towards producing and developing a showcase of poetry and the arts

KS1 / KS2   Cath Kirkland
Pilling St John's
CE Primary

To develop a creative curriculum using Music / Art / English and linking this to the use of the outdoors 



Pauline Tate
 Project Evaluation
Howick CE Primary

Developing creativity through the partnership with the Art and Museum Services - 'The Port of Preston: Our Local Environment' 



Debs Bramley 
Westhead Lathom
St James' CE Primary

Developing creativity through the partnership with the Museum Service in order to create a school museum containing Victorian to present day artefacts and living statues to retell the past 

KS1 / KS2   Bid Review Mrs Alison Albion
Tarleton Community

Developing creativity through the partnership with the Museum and Library Services in order to allow Y2 children to set up a documentary/film company to produce a biography of Florence Nightingale

KS1    Presentation Mrs M Whittle
Eccleston Primary 9/52

Developing creativity through the partnership with the the Museum and Library Sercives.  The services are planned to be used in a way which is both sustainable and replicable

KS1 / KS2  Presentation Mrs Sue Cater